An online platform to source various types of geotechnical products, like Alibaba. A new product can enter into the supply chain quickly and almost immediately.

It will be platform for Apps software for geotechnical industries. It can be mobile Apps software or Cloud software. User-sign in, use and pay as per usage.

A smooth, seamless online documentation system with internet 4.0 for connecting your PC, mobile, office & site combined with GeoTok meetings.

A training platform to empower all geotechnical practitioners with a new set of knowledge and skills. The global experts can conduct training easily.

An Internet of Thing (IoT) to monitor, supervise or manage the activities in geotechnical industry. Example 5G-CCTV to monitor SI, piling or testing works.

A career portal mainly for geotechnical industry that provide jobseekers with the best opportunities and deliver exceptional value to employers.

Coming Soon

An online co-meeting platform to conduct online meeting. With GeoDoc, you can discuss method statements and test reports online, efficiently.



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